Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I am a big fan of audio books.  It’s great for not only the commute, but also long walks in the evening.  Though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eat, Pray, Love, I stumbled upon this gem and I recommend it highly.

If you don’t have an Audible account yet, I believe the first book is free and this would be the one to get!

Elizabeth Gilbert herself narrates it and her voice is warm and engaging.  She speaks almost conspiratorially to the listener at times, and you can imagine that you are in a lecture hall with her and she is laying down the words of wisdom.  Some of it is autobiographical, she discusses taking work as a bartender and jotting down notes from listening to human dialogue all day.  Most of it is a pep talk, but in the nicest way.

Perhaps the most interesting take away from this book is her theory that ideas are sentient and that they visit you.  If you don’t bring those ideas into being with your writing, those ideas move on to someone who will.  This really blew my mind.  And surely it will light a fire under you.

It’s not a long audio book, and I’ve listened to it twice.  Highly recommend.