I wrote over 3k words on Day 1, and it was easier than I thought with the help of dictation.  It took probably about just over two hours to do that.  I resisted the urge to edit, but of course cleaned up all the dictation randomness.

For the month of October, I had a thrice weekly fiction writing effort.  And my goals were modest.  I gave myself an hour and I tried to write at least 250 words.  The results were amazing.  By the third night of trying that, I was up to 1k words in an hour.

So as others have commented, “When you do the work, the muse rewards you.”

I knew Day 2 would be rough, as I had a lot of work at the office and a social commitment.  So I hammered out 500 words at lunch.  Came home at 11pm and hammered out 1k words until midnight.

With NaNoWriMo in effect, forcing the commitment of a daily writing practice,  I can only imagine the ways that it will improve all the participants’ writing speed and storytelling.

End of Day 2 – 4500+ words on less than 5 hours of writing.  Not bad.