I stumbled upon this podcast first, and I’m glad I did.  This podcast is chock full of information about self-publishing, writing, and how to earn a living as a writer.  The host, Joanna, is from the UK so she has that posh accent which adds to the charm.  The content is incredibly useful and I find myself often taking notes from her episodes.  I did not start at episode one, as this podcast has been going on for many years and she has over two hundred episodes.

Length: Usually about an hour.

Format: She begins with a monologue, about 15 min before launching into the interview with her guest. Different guests every episode, but some repeats of guests that have appeared over the years.

For the impatient, you may wish to fast forward past the monologue.  However, for me, I find that she often discusses interesting new articles or trends of the week.  Even how current events might affect writers.  So for example, the first episode I listened to was shortly after Brexit.  She noted her personal position and then also explained that as many UK writers derive a significant share of their Amazon royalties in dollars, that in fact, UK writers would come out temporarily ahead given the pound falling.

I really enjoy this podcast and I also use it a directory of sorts to investigate new (to me) authors.  Prior to this podcast, I do not believe I had purchased even a single self published book unless I had been buying their traditionally published works first.  Now, I am discovering a number of new authors, which is fantastic.  More importantly, Joanna and her guests tend to do a deep dive into Amazon royalties, which is really fascinating.  After a week of walking the dog at night and listening to her podcast, I became a Patreon supporter.

My favorite thing: She greets the audience with “Hullo Creatives…” and it’s a wonderful affirmation.  As a host, she exudes a positive energy to the broadcast.

Rating: 5 stars

(Photo: Rock sculptures, Santa Cruz, California)

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