Winter Sun
Serene Lakes, California

In contrast to the Self Publishing Podcast, which features the same three writers, the StoryShop Podcast is a compact and helpful resource.

Length: 25 min.

Format: a 9 episode series, not including the intro episode.  I blasted through these in two nights of walking the dog.  All three of the authors contribute, and it is very interesting the way they discuss their collaboration.  I especially enjoyed the way they discussed their  “beats” process which is a writing term I had heard before but didn’t understand.

Another segment that I also found interesting is that when they build their character, they look through actors photos to find a starting point.  Not the same character, but that look and feel so that when Sean does the hand off of the beats to Johnny, Johnny has a sense of how to describe how that character moves and looks when he starts the first draft.

Rating: 5 stars

The StoryShop Podcast